Never Forget: Hallowed Ground Zero
By Robert K. Wilcox:


                       I watched the National Geographic documentary on 9/11. I wondered if there would be any PC (politically correct) parts stressing diversity, peaceful Islam, or moralizing about how we had caused the shocking attack.

            There was none. It was some of the most powerful television I have ever seen. The stark, unfettered story: Young Islamic fanatics so psychically screwed up that they hijacked packed airliners solely to crash them into the Twin Towers with all the horror that entailed – the realization of passengers that they were about to smash into those high buildings; the horrible choice forced on innocents of death by fire or a 100 story leap; the huge, ugly dirt cloud of pancaking buildings crushing the screaming innocents and brave firemen who must have known their fate but dutifully climbed toward the inferno.


            Nothing like that has ever happened in the history of our nation. Twenty-four hundred died at Pearl Harbor. Most were sailors and soldiers. Approximately 3000 died on 9/11, all innocent civilians; mothers, fathers, brothers, husbands, wives. If Pearl Harbor was “dastardly,” as President Roosevelt told Congress, 9/11 was meaner, more cowardly and more brutal. It was evil personified as seen in the ominous photos of the hijackers and heard in the “explosions” of the jumper’s bodies witnessed as they burst on the plaza below.

            Yet today there are many who act as if it was some isolated event, distant in time, and meaningless to our nation. Let there be a mosque erected on the hallowed ground. We have freedom of religion in America. We’re not going to tolerate bigotry and racism. Are they crazy?  Have they forgotten, or are they ignorant of, the numerous attacks on Americans by Islamic fascists since their taking Americans hostage in Iran in 1979 – kidnappings in the Middle East, bombings of servicemen-frequented restaurants in Beirut and Madrid, the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, the USS Cole attack, the first Twin Towers bombing?

            The toll of Americans killed by Radical Islamists has risen for decades. The attack on the Twin Towers in New York was a culmination; radical Islam’s D-Day on America. We’ve been in a war for 30 years and we’re losing – losing because of an idiotic, 1960s generated political correctness that has turned our nation into a blind patsy unable to see what is really happening; losing because our leaders care more for themselves than for those who elected them and fiddle while Rome burns; losing because we have a mainstream media that has no clue, and if it did, would suppress what it doesn’t agree with .

            Building a mosque or Moslem cultural center on or near the 9/11 attack site is an act of domination and subjugation. It is what Moslems did in their early conquests more than a thousand years ago which finally caused Christians in Europe to mount the Crusades; it’s building the Dome of the Rock, the Moslem shrine erected over Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem to show Moslem superiority; it’s a guerilla standing over his fallen victim, beating his chest.  

            It is nine years since the 9/11 attacks. If, in 1954, the Japanese had proposed a Shinto Temple at Pearl Harbor there would have been riots in the streets. Today, our leaders would probably say it’s a good idea. Time has passed and we all need to get along. Well, that time will never pass, any more than the time will come that a slave auction be erected on the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg. There are things that must remain sacred. The grounds of 9/11 are one of them.