Way to go Mitt. They booed you and you didn’t back down. The fact that you showed up was impressive. We yahoo conservatives are punching the sky. Krauthammer, a bone fide, fancy pants intellectual among us, said you showed backbone. “He stuck to his guns,” said the Fox News pundit on Special Report, using a metaphor people like me appreciate. Continued Here

In the late 1960s, US flyers in Vietnam realized a tragic mistake. Their planners had erred. The dogfight weapons and tactics devised for them had serious problems. Aviators were dying and becoming prisoners of war as a result. In a larger war, control of the skies might have been lost, which would be a national disaster. Today, the decision about America’s newest front-line fighter, the F-22 Raptor, threatens to cause a similar tragedy. We could again lose control of the skies which is a must for victory. Continued Here


The important issue prompted by the recent critical Rolling Stone article isn’t Gen. McChrystal’s defiance or rank insubordination. It’s the announced deadline for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, an insane move that guarantees defeat, and other war-losing moves by the administration.

Would you ally yourself with foreign forces that you know are going to exit, and the day they do, you know you and your family will be beheaded?  Continued Here


The arrest of 10 Russian “moles” here recalls World War II and the late 1940s in the United States when so many Left-duping Soviet agents were embedded in our government that they almost took over the White House. Continued Here

If you’re a Conservative, you’re probably rejoicing over the historic election victory won in America by those who believe as you do – unless you live in California. While the heartland has risen up and delivered a crushing blow to the elite Leftists forcing bloated, dictating government, debilitating taxes and socialism on the country, in my state, California, the Left prevailed. I feel like we won the war but lost the battle. The celebrations are elsewhere.
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I watched the National Geographic documentary on 9/11. I wondered if there would be any PC (politically correct) parts stressing diversity, peaceful Islam, or moralizing about how we had caused the shocking attack.
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The airport grope controversy is a metaphor for the administration's inept homeland security - part of a general ineptness that, unless changed, might cause us to lose the war, and possibly the country. Like a blindfolded prisoner shoved at a gauntlet, the administration is groping for solutions to our country's internal threats and instituting heavy-handed policies that ulitmately don't work... Continued Here
It's "pursuit of happiness"- not "right of happiness"- in the famous Declaration of Independence quote. That's a reason to me why today's July 4th celebration takes on significance beyond the obvious. A growing number of Americans now thing happiness- or at least the path to it- is guaranteed...
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  • A documentary based in part on “Japan’s Secret War” was shown on the History Channel August 16, 2005. The documentary, a British product, tells the little-known story of Japan trying to make an atomic bomb during World War II. It will probably be reaired in the near future.
  • The story of World War II ace Butch Voris who created the Blue Angels, is published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press.
  • Bob and Butch Voris spoke about FIRST BLUE at Seattle, Washington’s Museum of Flight on January 22, 2005. The museum is one of the world’s premier air and space museums. The biography has gone into a second edition.
  • Bob did an interview on the Geoff Metcalf Show, Patriot national network, Friday, November 19 at 9:15 a.m. (east coast time). The interview, to be broadcast by Sirius Satellite, will concern FIRST BLUE and Butch Voris is scheduled to join him.
  • Bob was at the The Book Mark in Atlantic Beach outside Jacksonville, Fla., for a book signing on October 28 The signing is in conjunction with the annual NAS Jasksonville Air Show October 30 and 31 in which Butch Voris was honored. Butch also attended the Book Mark signing.
  • Bob was at book signings for FIRST BLUE at three different base exchanges in San Diego in conjunction with the Miramar Air Show held October 16 and 17. On Friday, he was at the Miramar Exchange. Saturday he was at North Island and NAS San Diego.
  • FIRST BLUE was launched at the California Air Show at Salinas, Ca., October 1-3. The airshow, one of California's largest, honored Butch and introduced the biography at a special dinner attended by over 450 guests, including past and present Blue Angels, Friday night.
  • Bob's new book, "First Blue: The story of WWII ace Butch Voris and the creation of the Blue Angels," was debuted the weekend of October 2 & 3 at the 2004 California International Airshow at Salinas (Ca.) Municipal Airport. The air show, featuring the Blue Angels, was dedicated to Butch Voris and he and Bob were there to sign books.
  • The Heritage Foundation, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, hosted a book signing for BLACK ACES HIGH at their Van Andel Center in downtown Washington.
  • FOX News did a piece on Black Aces High. It was on 12/31/02 and aired four times.
  • Had 2 book signings in November in California.
  • I was on FOX News discussing aerial aspects of the possible war against Iraq on November 18th.
  • I appeared on Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio Oct. 16th . So. California on 790 AM KABC radio.
  • The book (Black Aces High) debuted on the G. Gordon Liddy Show on Friday, Oct. 11th, 2002.