The Truth about the Shroud of Turin (2010):

It’s been nearly 40 years since I first investigated the Shroud of Turin and came away impressed and knowing it is at least inexplicable. In the meantime, Carbon 14 tests appeared to prove the Shroud a fake. Not true. And when it was again displayed to millions in 2010, I took the occasion to re-examine the Shroud and what I’d written. The mistakes made by the faulty Carbon 14 are explained, I came away even more convinced that the Shroud of Turin is what it purports to be. But I’m a journalist and I only present the facts. What I now say is, given all that has been discovered and realized about the Shroud lately, the burden of proof about the Shroud has now shifted, in my opinion, to the doubters. You decide.

Target: Patton (2008):

He was the most controversial American general in World War II--and also one of the most successful, courageous, and audacious. As a post-war administrator of defeated Germany, he sounded alarm bells about the dangers of Soviet encroachment into Europe. Politically, he was a lightning rod--an outspoken conservative who continually embarrassed his superiors with his uncensored, undiplomatic, and unrestrained comments to the press. He was General George S. Patton Jr., old Blood and Guts.

FIRST BLUE (2004):

The story of World War II ace Butch Voris who created the Blue Angels, is published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press.

Black Aces High (2002):

Fly with the storied VF-41 Black Aces as they face the crucible of war. The squadron is one of the navy's best and they are poised to fight again in the War on Terror.

Wings Of Fury (1997):

From Vietnam to the Gulf War- The astonishing True Stories of America's Elite Fighter Pilots.

Stephen Coonts says: ...Honest, righteous, Wilcox's story contains everything but the G's."

R.A. "Bob" Hoover, Author of Forever Flying says: "A magnificent book... Readers will find themselves in the cockpit understanding the will to fight and win."

Scream Of Eagles (1992):

The Dramatic Account of the U.S. Navy's Top Gun Fighter Pilots. How they took back the skies over Vietnam!

"Tremendous... captures the dynamic enthusiam and dedication of the Naval Aviators... extrodinary, brillant." -Stephen Coonts

"Features breathtaking accounts of aerial duels... ranks with the best of the books about air combat" -Publishers Weekly"

Japan's Secret War (1985):

Japan's race against time to build it's own Atomic Bomb. This is a groundbreaking look at one of the least known and most astonishing episodes of World War II. Japan's race to develop its own Atomic weapon.

Laurance McQuillan of the UPI: "In a fascinating look at what might have been, Robert Wilcox details just how close Japan came to successfully building an atomic bomb of its own and radically altering world history."

Fatal Glimpse (1981):

My first novel. A thriller... Lovely Elaine Starvos possesses a low level psychic ability. She has successfully aided the police on a number of cases. Now she has a terrifying vision...
The vision comes in fragments, and has something to do with a horrible crime she'd witnessed thirty years ago. A face, a man, blood. Then the nightmare culminates with the shock of her own murder...
No one will believe Elaine's story. They want to lock her up. She is forced to flee, to seek out the people, places and things she sees in her vision. To seek out the killer before he finds her... (This book is currently out of print. But often has used copies.)

Mysterious Deaths at Ann Arbor (1977):

For the first time, a gifted on-the-scene investigative reporter reveals the facts behind the suspicious deaths and near-misses- 52 in all- in the huge Veterans Hospital at Ann Arbor. Two Filipino nurses have been charged with the murder and conspiracy to murder. Judge for yourself who may be guilty.

Shroud (1977):

Translated into many languages. Shroud delves into the mysteries surrounding the Shroud of Turin. Was it a Medieval Hoax? An Occult Phenomenon? Or proof of Jesus' Resurrection? Weigh Robert's theories based on interviews, photos and written evidence. (This book is available from NuvoBookstore.)