By Robert K. Wilcox


7 Dec 2015 - If you denounce Donald Trump for saying he wants to stop Muslim immigration until leaders figure things out you don't realize we're in World War III.

The enemy we are facing is worse than any before. They believe they are sent by God to kill every one who does not believe as they do. And their beliefs are the antithesis of American values: No freedom of religion and speech, no liberty and opportunity for all. Women are subservient. Homosexuals die.

But the GOP, the Press, everyone in the Washington bubble jumps on Trump. His election rivals are out front. Bush calls him “unhinged.” Carly Fiorina says he’s unfit. Mitch McConnell, in hiding since Boehner left, pops up and calls Trump “unAmerican.” Paul Ryan, the new House speaker and supposedly a wiser man, says “that’s not what America is about.” The Press and Democrats, gleeful at the opposition, join in.


Notice that Ted Cruz did not join this bash wagon. Ted Cruz knows the threat Militant Islam poses to America. You'd think that at least his election rivals would understand that Trump is number 1 in the polls and realize that means a lot of Americans agree with Trump. This will backfire on them. But they have no clue. They think they're scoring big points? With who? The Press? Democrats? Their ignorance and covet of Washington praise is exactly why they aren't leading.

Barack Obama is why Trump is leading. Americans are fed up. America is in decline because of him. And Americans are tired of their GOP leaders pandering to The Press and Democrats. Trump gives voice to the Hinterland. These leaders live in a fantasy land of big jobs, power grabbing, crony capitalism and snobbery toward the rest of the nation. They have little to no idea of what is going on in the world those who elected them are in - and they could care less. They know best. The hoy-poy should sit down and shut up. Listen to them berate Trump as he raises a question imminently important to their survival and the survival of the country.

The nation must face the fact that Militant Islam is an imminent threat and that it has invaded our shores – with much violence to come. We have open borders. Obama wants to give Moslems untold visas and other entry. Like Stalin’s Moles decades before World War II, they are coming here and embedding themselves and now are responding to the signals to start killing Americans. Ft. Hood was one of the first of the recent examples. An army captain, known to be a militant Moslem, kills soldiers and civilians on an Army base. San Bernardino is the latest. Moles here for a year, according to reports, go into a Christmas party and kill many innocents. Our leaders want us to shut up and take it?


This is going to happen more often. And it’s not going to be Christians, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists doing the killing. It’s going to be Islamic Militants. They have an ultimate weapon. They believe death a good thing. It will bring them a greater reward – heaven with virgins or praise, depending on the killer’s gender. Who can fathom the evil of a woman, a mother no less, leading the killing, as apparently happened in San Bernardino, depositing her baby with relatives before going on the rampage. This is motherly love? This is “the religion of peace?”

Guns didn’t do this, as the Left and Democrats claim. Bad people did it. Evil did it – an evil religion, however fractional from the main body. We never hear Moslems coming out and decrying such behavior. Occasionally, when it’s blatantly obvious who did such a thing, they say it’s an isolated act, a deranged individual. But they never take steps to stop the next one. They join with our leaders in decrying – not the deaths, not the threat – but that Americans don’t overreact and use this as an excuse to question The Religion of Peace. This is a ruse, a Trojan Horse.

No more you foolish leaders. You fiddle while Rome burns. Your self-absorption has makes you ignorant. But Americans are on to you. That is why Trump resonates. And he’s strong enough to continue. He’s not going away no matter how unAmerican you think him. The American people are with him – and Cruz too. As a Cruzman, I want Cruz as president. But I’m thankful for Trump. He’s changed the election in a way no one else could.