By Robert K. Wilcox


17 Nov 2015 - Remember Michele Obama’s tweet after Boko Haram kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria: hashtag (#) Bringbackourgirls? It didn’t work. Nor has the “Smart Diplomacy” of Hillary Clinton. How about Obama’s Global Warming being our primary enemy? We are facing religious fanatics hellbent on murder and mayhem. Militant Isalm is an ancient enemy revived by Obama’s impotent foreign policy. If we’re going to survive, Americans are going to have to reject Obama, the Left, and Democrats who support his follies and elect a president who will lead victory over this scourge Obama won’t even name. It is the most serious threat America has faced since World War II and the most barbaric.

Militant Islam has devised an ingenious strategy to bypass America’s natural defenses: the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Send warriors posing as refugees. America, primed by Political Correctness, will import the invaders. It’s the ultimate Trojan Horse with the cheerleaders being the American Left, hankies in hand, decrying any resistance. “How can we be so heartless.” Are we to deny defenseless women and children (although many are fighting-age men)? “We’re better than that.” The ignorant believe this tripe. They’ve been propagandized by Left-leaning press and schools for decades. They have little to no cognizance of America’s good works and promise – what has made it the beacon of liberty and opportunity to the world. Whatever the Left argues, are Russia, Cuba or North Korea so prized?


No. But the uninformed seldom look that far. Instead, the Left hurls catch phrases – racism, homophobia, anti-woman, profiteering – and they believe. No person is perfect. And nations, run by persons, are thusly not perfect. But if there is a good nation, one which helped people despite human error, it is America. What people ever bolstered its conquered enemy like America did after World War II? Despite the bloodshed, the U.S. resurrected Japan and Germany. Same with Vietnam. America spurred their economies and the result was strong allies. That’s “smart” diplomacy. But they had to bring them to their knees first. Does a bully retreat if you don’t stop him?
It’s the same now. We are in World War III whether we acknowledge it or not. Since the 8th Century, Militant Islam has been trying to make the world believe as they do or die. This is the worst kind of tyranny. It shows no mercy. Heel or lose your head, be burned alive, crucified or stoned. This is a primitive, evil enemy. They are winning in Europe almost without a shot. Now, observing tepid Western resistance, they are going for the prize – “The Great Satan” – America. Ironically, those they will punish first are the Leftists whose causes are protected to great extent in the nation the Left derides.

It is time we stop the insane Leftist-inspired Political Correctness (PC) in America and realize that PC aides Militant Islam. PC is as good as bombs to the enemy. It is gutting our military, our will to fight, our ability to think clearly about what is happening. It elevates single issues blown out of proportion ahead of more crucial ones; issues concerning our security. Are our borders to be opened to anyone because the Left says we are racist and inhumane to close them? Must we allow a probable Trojan Horse in regard to Middle Eastern refugees? Even without the inherent dangers from Militant Islam, open borders and unrestricted immigration will eventually mean we become like the countries from which refugees flee.


PC dictates the refugee doesn’t have to assimilate. They keep the same culture they are trying to escape. Racism? We fought a civil war against it; legislated against it. What racism remains is small and dwindling, and not restricted to Whites. It is a dying. Woman’s rights? They are greatest in America. Try Militant Islam as a contrast. It is hypocrisy for the Left to be arguing that rights for women in America are being violated when Militant Islam rapes, enslaves and tortures women. Militant Islam is what they should be protesting but all we hear are whimpers like Michele Obama’s bringbackourgirls hashtag campaign.

Those listening to the Left had better realize that America is the best they’ve got. Those behind the propaganda are ideologues who mostly know the truth but reject it. Their aims are mostly power and greed. By stirring the masses, by appealing to their shallow wants and needs, the Left tricks others into toppling what is the last bastion of freedom in the world. Read the U.S. Constitution. It brilliantly is a shield against such manipulation, human greed and power lust. First, it says there is a higher power, God. Humans are not the end all. They do not know all and thus cannot dictate all – like a utopia. To make sure, a system of checks and balances was devised so no single person or entity could rule. The president can’t dictate because he has to get the ok from Congress and/or the Judiciary. The Congress can’t dictate because of the checks of the other two entities, and so forth.

It’s not a perfect system – only God is perfect, the creators of the Constitution believed -  but it’s the best yet devised by man, the product of a march from slavery to freedom, which is the one overriding event in human history. Civilization’s recorded history begins when victorious nations killed and enslaved those they conquered. Today, that concept is anathema – except in places like the caliphate set up by ISIS, just one of many Militant Islamic groups festering in the world and united by one overriding precept: enslaving the world to their theology. Submit or die. Are we going to continue in America to bicker over racism, gay rights, women’s rights and other PC demands? Or are we going to fight the darkness spreading from the Middle East?