By Robert K. Wilcox:


We live in a growing police state.

The NSA vault of all our doings is not to protect us from terrorism. If we were serious about terrorism, we’d identify the terrorist as Radical Islam, and begin profiling as the Israelis do. When we found someone acting suspiciously, we would then get court okay to snoop. That is the way it should be done.


This gathering of all our data prior to suspicion is for political purposes. We’ve seen it in the IRS. Those disagreeing with the Obama Administration are purged for their beliefs. This is unconstitutional. The Republican party, supposedly the opposition, is either too stupid, too afraid, too self-serving, or a combination of all, to do any thing about it.

Instead, to appear concerned, they debate details as the administration guts our military’s war making ability and purges its warriors, the most important elements in any fight. They purge Christians, while placating Islamists. The mainstream press endorses practically everything Obama does and refuses to seriously challenge him, which is the historical duty of a free press. Without challenge, there is no truth, just propaganda.


Thus Americans not tuned in are blind to what’s really happening. We are losing our freedom. Loss of freedom is slavery, which is ironic because it was largely the memory of slavery in America that has given Obama his power. But what has been purged from that memory by those now exploiting the gain is that America righteously fought to abolish slavery – the only nation in the world that ever did that.

But our true history is not taught anymore. Ignorance is a tool of the police state.