By Robert K. Wilcox:


                      Stand up, Mitt. Show your spine. Show your mettle, which some have questioned you don’t have. What the president has done in declaring an amnesty is wrong. It’s unconstitutional. It’s nakedly political. Call him out - clearly, strongly, and decisively.

                      Don’t let us down here.

                      George Washington defied the King of England. He could have lost his head. All you can lose is an office, an aspiration. So be it. Take that attitude. You’ll be admired for it. And I think by doing so you’ll win the esteem of everyone, supporter and not. Everyone respects a person of principle. It’s not an accident patriot Washington is regarded as a great leader. He put it all on the line.


                      Will you, Mitt? This is the kind of issue that warrants it – blatant disregard for the law, the constitution, and the unique American way of laws made by the people, not monarchs. Our legislature, as our representative, makes the laws – not the president, not the privileged. Dictators usurp the law.

                      Stand up and say that, Mitt. Show the country what you are made of, that you are not afraid to say the unvarnished truth, regardless of the consequences. How many political leaders do that today? The list is short, if existent at all. I’m talking about leaders who will say what they mean without fear, say it because it’s right regardless of what threats because they say it.  

                      No one wants to round up illegals who were brought here by their parents and had no say. That’s a Red Herring; a strawman argument erected by the opposition in order to shoot it down and look righteous, which they are not. Stop the flow at the borders and the incentives that keep illegals coming and most will go home on their own. And few, certainly not a majority, will say anything about them being here as long as they obey the laws and are productive.

                      Then the country can get back to welcoming all those who offer something to America. The cliché is true: we’re a nation of immigrants, and children of immigrants. Immigration, along with personal freedom, is one of the primary things that has made America great. We get immigrants who aspire. We get those who love liberty. No matter their race, creed or religion, there is a place for anyone who wants it bad enough. But they have to come here legally, like the others. It undermines the very basis of our society and of fairness to give any kind of amnesty. This is truth and justice. And it will stand in the face of any opposition – as it has for almost three centuries in forging the greatest country on earth.


                      Stand up, Mitt. The country is looking for a Washington, a Patton, a Martin Luther King. They couldn’t be bought or intimidated. They stood up for what was right, and said it clearly, forcefully, and without fear. No pussyfooting or weasling around an issue as so many so-called leaders do today (as so many are doing right now in regard to this issue). We saw their courage. We admired them immensely – even if we didn’t agree.

                      Congress makes the law – not a dictatorial president. The American people have said consistently they do not want amnesty. Only fools will think that after three and half years of doing nothing about it, Obama, now in the midst of a troubled campaign, suddenly had a heartfelt urge to do something nice for illegals. His announcement is blatantly political. He’s the emperor with no clothes and hopefully you’ll say what the others are afraid to say.

                      Show us what you’ve got, Mitt. Say it without reservaton.