By Robert K. Wilcox:


            If you’re a Conservative, you’re probably rejoicing over the historic election victory won in America by those who believe as you do – unless you live in California. While the heartland has risen up and delivered a crushing blow to the elite Leftists forcing bloated, dictating government, debilitating taxes and socialism on the country, in my state, California, the Left prevailed. I feel like we won the war but lost the battle. The celebrations are elsewhere. California Conservatives are the soldiers left behind like those buried beneath the D-Day tombstones. The Allies re-took Europe but the dead never tasted the champagne. Given the state’s election results, Californians are going to get hosed with higher taxes, runaway spending, and job-killing regulations. It’s like payback from the Left for what the Right did to the rest of the nation.


            Jerry Brown, a Leftist if there ever was one, is California’s new governor. New? He started the state on its downward spiral of out-of-control spending and higher taxes in his first governorships that started back in the 1970s. They called him “Moonbeam” then for his flower child ways. After he left the office, he revealed in an interview how he really wasn’t prepared for the office as he’d said he was before elected. He duped the state again. One of the things he opposed back then was Proposition 13 which today saves property owners here big bucks. I think its toast. Brown pledged not to raise taxes this time unless – and here’s the loop hole – voters approve. Well, they’ve approved of Jerry. I’ve got a feeling he’ll interpret that as a mandate to end Prop.13. He’s big on Global Warming too. Californians in this election rejected any restriction on the state’s job-killing Cap and Trade law soon to be imposed on California companies. It’s a double-whammy. If loss of Prop 13 doesn’t force you out, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions law will.

            Barbara Boxer won again. She’s been in office for nearly 20 years, “fighting,” as she kept saying in the campaign, “for jobs and you.” In truth, she’s a Left-wing environmentalist with few accomplishments in the Congress (which isn’t a bad thing, since in my judgment less is more from that body). During her reign, businesses and the jobs they generate fled in droves because of the state’s oppressive regulations and taxes. Job numbers plummeted. Illegal aliens have been given billions of taxpayer dollars and sanctuary in California, and our education system, relatively good when she took office in 1993, is now one of the worst in the nation. Greedy teachers unions, not the parents or good instructors, run the system. Barbara’s not fighting for me, that’s for sure. But I know she can be counted on to support amnesty for illegals, as she always has, which will crowd our streets, schools, and hospitals, increase crime and heighten  pressure to raise taxes for their social services.


            We had a chance to go the way of the nation. But there were no Conservatives in the big races. There’s practically no Republican organization here. And what exists is RHINO (Republican in name only) or don’t-be-too-Conservative-or-you can’t win – exactly the opposite of what happened to cause the victory throughout the nation. Meg Whitman was not a Conservative but a wishy-washy Republican who would say and do anything for the vote. She began as an opponent of amnesty for illegal aliens then ran ads in the Spanish media saying, in effect, she supported Amnesty. She was like the CEOs who say, hey, we’ll go green and everybody will buy. There were no principles behind her candidacy, no conviction; just a wish to be governor, “a plan” she never explained, and high-priced consultants who go to the highest bidder. Conservatives voted for her because she was the lesser of two candidates they didn’t like.  We weren’t sure what she’d do when the big issues of immigration and union pensions came up. But we hoped, given her CEO background, she’d at least know that more taxes hurt jobs and fewer taxes increase revenues.

            But we’ve awakened to a state slate that almost across the board is Democrat and Leftist. It’s like the old joke about Los Angeles: even the birds get up coughing. We’re in a similar state. Entrenched politicians, nine-tenths of them Democrats, easily held their offices. How the proposition making marijuana legal didn’t pass is a puzzle. Perhaps the potheads lost concentration momentarily as that drug can cause smokers to do? But they shook it off on the rest. It won’t be too long before the politburo in Sacramento starts sending Moonbeam costly new programs and getting the state deeper in debt. Once all the businesses have fled, homeowners are next. Hold on to your wallets. This is largely the Republicans’s fault. We are not going to win by being slightly right of Democrats. They have the government unions, Hollywood, the ex-hippies. We need a strong candidate like Reagan; one who really believes and has charisma. And there’s got to be better organization. I can’t remember receiving a single phone call from a Republican regarding getting out the vote. The Tea Party was quiet here too. They need to fill the vacuum. It’s quiet in California and Conservatives are on alert.