By Robert K. Wilcox:



                      I didn’t know Andrew Breitbart well. I met him once at a Hollywood movie preview. But I sometimes write for his website,, and respected him immensely for his relentless pursuit of the truth in journalism and the fire and skill with which he conducted that pursuit. He was driven to expose corruption and hypocrisy. He would not give up. He did not back down.

                      It was Breitbart who helped two courageous young journalists expose the corruption of ACORN, a government funded entity that winked and aided all manner of immoral and criminal activity, including voter fraud and child prostitution. I don’t know the particulars but he was the power behind that coming to light. And that was just the first Breitbart coup I’m aware of.

                      Periodically I’d see him on predominately Right-leaning shows like Hannity reporting facts about big government excess and corruption, one-sided, hypocritical journalism and bad practices in general.

                      Today, as the news of his tragic but natural death at the age of 43 is announced, Left-oriented news sites like AOL-Huffing-Post trumpet that he was a “Conservative” journalist. Yes, he was on the Conservative side. But they wouldn’t add “Liberal” to the description of a Left-leaning journalist had that been the person who died.

                      That is just the kind of hypocrisy Breitbart scorned. To him, the truth was what mattered and he established a website that daily spotlighted news not printed or shown by the Left-leaning mainstream press. It has four divisions: Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Peace, which is mainly about war and rumors of war, and Big Hollwood, which put a Conservative light on that Liberal bastian.


                      It’s reported that he had grown up in Los Angeles with friends who were mainly liberal. But as he got older he began to see the inconsistencies in Hollywood propaganda. This was probably the genesis of his entry into journalism. His website, which caught on because of the boldness of its inquiries, was the result. It seemed to open a Pandora’s box. Conservatives who do exist in Hollwyood, but who didn’t publicize it if they wanted to work, began writing for him, spurred by the courage of Breitbart himself.

                      I grew up in a journalistic age when giving both sides was paramount. That age is now gone. That is why even though I didn’t know Andrew Breitbart well I feel very bad, and even fearful, at his passing. He was a young, bright force shinning the spotlight on what today’s mainstream journalism never will. He had the courage and skill to do so. So many of us want to do this but it is very hard to convert intention into something that prevails. Brietbart could. He had a long future ahead of him. Suddenly he’s gone. Who will take his place? If no one, truth and justice – the other side - will suffer.