By Robert K. Wilcox:


The arrest of 10 Russian “moles” here recalls World War II and the late 1940s in the United States when so many Left-duping Soviet agents were embedded in our government that they almost took over the White House.

That’s right, the White House. We know this now because of “Venona,” the secret operation that enabled us to read Russian coded messages. It was kept secret until the late 1990s. And also because the breakup of the Soviet Union enabled scholars to learn more from previously closed Russian archives.

As yesterdays arrests show, the Russians are still at it. And what does that say about Radical Islamic moles who would be even more of a threat today? Could they have embeds here acting on the orders of handlers just as those recently arrested?


During World War II supposed loyal Americans were actually working for Stalin’s intelligence organizations like the NKVD. They were rife in all government and military positions. For instance, Lauchlin Currie, a close aide to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Soviet mole, so were Laurence Duggan and Alger Hiss, high in the State Department. Hiss actually gave our intentions to Stalin daily as the Soviet premier met with FDR at Yalta. One of the results of his treason was that the Russians got half of Europe after we’d fought so hard to liberate it from tyranny.

FDR liked the Russians, thought their intentions were noble and that they were needed to help establish permanent peace after such a terrible war. Duncan Lee, top aid to OSS chief “Wild Bill” Donovan, was a Soviet agent, which was like having the deputy director of the CIA today being an Islamic spy. The reason I say the Soviets almost took over the White House is that Vice President Henry Wallace stated that if he had become president he would have appointed State’s Duggan and Harry Dexter White, number two at Treasury, as members of his cabinet. Thank goodness, Wallace was dropped from the ticket in 1944 the year before FDR died. 


You can read about this in my book, Target:Patton: The Plot to Assassinate Gen. George S. Patton, as well other recent books that have been spotlighting the Venona and Russian archive revelations. The Rosenbergs, championed so long by the Left as martyrs, were, in fact, paid agents. They had, as the courts found, stolen many atomic secrets. Close FDR aide Harry Hopkins and atomic scientist Robert Oppenheimer, although not conclusively shown to be on the payroll, were at least Soviet sympathizers and their pro-Soviet actions at the time had enormous impact. Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whatever you want to say about his personal life, was right.

You won’t read this in many, if any, mainstream history books because most of our most celebrated historians are on the Left. You certainly won’t read this in our schools which paint an almost idyllic picture of our Soviet allies during the war years and after. No mention of gulags, mass killings, or the fact that the Soviets were allied with the Nazis at the beginning of the war, carved up Poland as part of their reward, and didn’t switch sides until Hitler invaded them in 1941.

President Obama is a great example of propagating bad history. At the recent visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he referred to World War II as “the Great Patriotic War,” which is what they call it in Russia - but not in America. How does that label honor Americans who died in that war? Flattering the Russians is the type of thing FDR and his administration did in 1945, so hoping were they that the Soviets would be their friends. At one point orders were issued that there would be no criticism of Russia no matter what. Stalin knew it and played FDR and his administration to get everything he wanted.

It can happen again. Obama, either by design or ignorance, is hell bent to give every advantage to our enemies – spend and tax policies crippling our ability to defend ourselves, reluctant to ridiculous warfighting resulting in American deaths and enemy advantages, and open, undefended borders which is not only a huge blight on American land, pocket books, and safety, but a classic way that more spies enter our country. Anyone who thinks that along with the poor Mexicans seeking “only to feed their families,” as Democrats like to portray, that there also aren’t Jihadist moles like the ones arrested today amongst them, is stupid, naive or lying.

The arrests today are just the tip of the iceberg. Its part of history that few citizens today are taught and it will continue.